Get Your Best Customers to Toot Your Horn

If you need yet another reason to join in the online video frenzy, allow me to say two words: Video Testimonials. Now I know what you're thinking, "I already have testimonials on my website. Why do I need to videotape them."

If you want the short answer to the question, pick up the phone and call a friend and ask him or her when they look at a printed testimonials, who do they assume wrote them. Nine times out of ten the answer you will receive will be, "The website owner."

That's the problem with printed testimonials. They lack credibility. Just like backlinks, it is all too easy to rig the game by planting bogus testimonials on a website. Video virtually eliminates the possibility of chicanery. Since seeing is believing, by taking the time to shoot a 60-second testimonial, you automatically gain points on the old credibility meter.

However, that's not the main reason that I encourage all our clients to videotape their testimonials. There's a better reason. You see, when it comes to video, your clients are able to toot your horn the loudest. Where you would draw incredulous stares by brazenly stating what a wonderful job you do, or how much your services help the public, a client can tell your audience exactly how they feel about your business. They are not hemmed in by the constraints of humility in the same way that a business owner would be. They can call it as they see it.

For a sample of a video testimonial, click on the link below:

Te best part is that it's not all that difficult to get a customer or two to agree to tell their story via video. In fact, it's been my experience that most customers are thrilled to be invited to a taping. Some of them are real hams. The important thing is to tell them that they don't have to rehearse what they are going to say. All they have to do is answer a few simple questions in front of the camera. That's all there is to it. Then you or your videographer can cut and paste the best sound bites together and leave the rest on the cutting room floor.

Video testimonials do not have to be long or involved to create real impact. You would be surprised how much a happy customer can tell an audience in 60-90 seconds. The objective is not to program a TV show, but to give prospects a few choice bits of information about your business in order to goose them into taking action.

Employed properly, a couple of carefully crafted video testimonials can be some of the best sales tools you will ever have. So let your best customers toot your horn for you. You'll be glad you did.

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